Platform IOS, Android    •    Year 2020    •    My Role UI design, Branding, Sketching    •    Credits UX by Create Future


"Bike it" is a mobile application for planning a daily trip according to your requirements and preferences. Once you have planned a trip, you can use the app to accompany you and provide you with additional information and directions.

Target audience

Design and architecture students who come to Denmark to get inspired by the various sites and activities that Denmark has to offer, and who love riding their bikes in urban landscapes.


Design concept

In this project I was inspired by the urban landscape of Copenhagen and the Danish national rail company (DSB) with its iconic red colour, along with the underground urban pattern and its various posters. Simplicity was the key to helping the users orientate themselves in the app and the unfamiliar urban space.

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Inspired by Matthias Wentinkfor I’ve created minimalistic lineal drawings that still enable the tourist to identify the famous architecture of Copenhagen. Bringing the illustrations down to very few lines combines the worlds of design and architecture to the user.


Wheel selection

The wheel icons refer to the different kinds of bikes you can choose from.

Various illustrations

A big challenge was to make a specific illustration for each type of attraction.

Home screen

Start planning your "Bike it" route! Personalised options are given to the user to make the app more engaging and accessible.

Results screen

The user receives their own daily plan based on their preferences on the home screen, this can be seen on the results screen together with details of the attractions and maps.

Map results screen

The user can see their future attractions scattered on a map along with the main details of each attraction.

Navigation features

As the user swipes from their current attraction to the next destination the dynamic innovative map will clearly show them the relative distances and routes.

Live travel page

This screen enables the user to see whats new and interesting at each attraction.

Travel list

Here the users can see where they have already been, their current position and what is in store for them.

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