Platform Desktop, Mobile    •    Year 2020    •    My Role UI design, Branding    •    Credits UX by Create Future


"Marvel Throwback" is a comic reading media service that contains a personal dashboard, which provides information about reading habits and offers recommendations.

Target audience

Young marvel comic lovers who are looking for a hero with whom to identify.

Design concept

To give the reader an authentic and nostalgic experience, I have based my design on the iconic red colour of Marvel’s logo and kept the dots pattern, font and colour palette of uncoated paper that brings out the text and the images.

Name & logo

In choosing the title "Marvel Throwback" I refer both to the seemingly eternal life of marvel comics while reminiscing on the nostalgia that it evokes in us. The traditional marvel font, colour and shadow were perfect for this aim.


This comic reading media service enables the reader to share their experience with their friends. The site is made engaging and accessible by the interactive dashboard.

Dashboard & graphs

More than just monitoring the readers choice of activity, be it daily, monthly or yearly, the dashboard also provides real-time data and displays the reading trends.

Allows the reader to see the most popular places they read at.
Summarizes and visually shows the popular reading hours throughout the day.
Shows the reader how they spend their time.

Reading list

Habits, preferences and recommendations from friends are integrated into the system which then offers them reading recommendations.

Friends flavours

"Marvel Throwback" is a collaborative platform which enables the reader to share their favourite content with friends.

Culture & lifestyle

Apart from providing the best of Marvel culture & lifestyle, the layout refers to the world of comic and gives the reader a feeling that they are inside a comic book.


The mobile version is designed to be used in any situation the reader may find themselves in: the bus, in bed and even the bathroom!


For a seamless experience, all pages are designed to work across devices and screen sizes.

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